Our World / KPMG International

The brief

Our brief was to produce a film about the firm's CSR initiatives, the Millennium Development Goals and their Millennium Cities Initiative in Kisumu Kenya. To increase awareness and engage a broad, international, internal and external audience, from graduates to partners to clients.

The solution

We offered to produce two films for the one budget - a short emotive introductory film and a 15 minute documentary - to cover the many proposed uses and the diverse potential audiences. This is the short emotive film with a script focusing on the core value "supporting sustainable communities" and is intended to leave the viewer feeling positive and wanting to know more about the firm's CSR initiatives.

Pre production - 3 weeks
Shoot - 4 days Africa, 1 day UK
Edit - 4 days

Budget bracket (inc travel to Africa) Short Film - £20k - £50k
Total budget for 2 films - £100k